Granlund Tools

Back spot facing tool

Granlund Tools is a leading provider of backspotfacing tools. These includes both the manual backspotfacing system, that comes with both HSS cutters and carbide cutters. The manual backspotfacing system also comes with two different cutting angles, in order to suit your needs. The shaft is available is morse taper and weldon mounting. Whatever your needs are, within backspotfacing, Granlund Tools either has a solution fits, in stock, on the shelf, or we can manufacture a custom tool, for your specific needs.

Did you know we Granlund Tools also has automatic backspotfacing tools? It is called the Neptune, and it eliminates the need for manual placement and removal of the cutting head. This is done, through using the coolant, to operate a moving cutting head, with carbide inserts.

With the Neptune backspotfacer you can produce spotfaces of up to 2 times the diameter of the hole. As a special the tool can be manufactured for an even widere range. Neptune is powered by coolant through the spindle. It operates using a piston in the shank, which pushes the insert holder out. The Neptune is a combination tool, where you can strip, and clean the parts, change insert holder for another dimension etc. The tool is also equipped with an “emergency” function. The shank separates from the holder in case the insert holder doesn’t retract properly. The spindle needs to be reversed during retraction after the spotfacing to ensure that the emergency function operates. All friction parts are coated with a low friction coating to ensure the function of the tool.

How to operate the Neptune

1, Position the tool, feed through the hole to pivot position.

2, Start spindle, coolant on.

3, Retract to counterbore.

4, Feed down to pivot position, stop spindle, coolant off.

5, Start spindle in reversed direction. Retract through the hole.

6, Retract the tool (fast feed). The waterdriven backspotfacer developed by Granlund Tools

Do not operate the tool as single fl ute. If going into a slope, feed should be reduced to at least 50%