When precision matters

Granlund Tools AB in Eskilstuna is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision tools for the engineering industry. Since the 1950’s we also Design and Build some of the worlds most advanced die grinding machines. We are proud to deliver our products and services to clients in more than 60 countries arround the world.

Our products

High quality, high performance and excellent reliability

Industry application

Granlund delivers solutions and products to a number of different industries. We make a difference thru our long  experience and expertise from servicing and delivering our solutions to extremely demanding clients around the world. 

Customized Tools - solutions that make a difference

We support our clients across the world with our expertise and in-depth knowledge solving complex challenges from ever more demanding end customers

The team

Our team look forward to talk to you and support you to solve your specific challenges and inquiries

About us

Granlund has been a leading provider or tools and machinery since the end of the second world war, founded in 1945.