When the heat is on...

Granlund Tools AB in Eskilstuna, Sweden is one of the world's leading manufacturers of machinery and equipment for the production of tubular heating elements.

Every day you may encounter products made with our machinery. From the cup of tea or coffee in the morning - to the warm and refreshing shower in the evening. All the hot water you used was heated by a tubular heating element. We bet you never thought of that before...
Granlund offers a wide range of high-quality machiner, such as coiling machines, filling machines, roll reducing mills, bending machines and more. All machines can be adapted for your specific needs. With more than 60 years' experience and representation in over 30 countries around the world, Granlund can offer the market proven technical solutions and good local support.

Maybe you know us without knowing ?
If you are in the tubular heating elements industry, you have probably encountered our products many times without knowing. Granlund Tools have since the 1940:s been the major supplier of machine parts to the world famous company Kanthal. In the year 2005 Granlund Tools bought the Kanthal machinery division and from that date we are producing and selling the machines under our own name.

Regarding the customers' wishes and requirements Granlund Machinery offers basic flexible and inexpensive machines for customers with limited production and much more sophisticated and automated systems for customers with larger production requirements.

Granlund Machinery Technical Support can assist - at site, via phone, fax or e-mail - with technical help and guidance, construction and design, assembling, support and backup, education and also follow-up of the machines and equipment.

Pilger die grinding
A further branch of Granlund Tools is the world-leading manufacture and service of special grinding machines for the tube industry.

GRANLUND - Machinery, used where high quality and
reliability is required.
The company is certified according to:
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

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