Counterboring System Size 2

Insert drills, Pilots. Counterbores,
Countersinks and Toolholders

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Insert drill type 2B

HSS Tol.h8 Flute L. 30mm
Range: 11,0-25,0mm
Part No. eg. 12,5: 2B-12,5

Insert drill type 2LB

HSS Tol.h8 Flute L. 50mm
Range: 11,0-25,0mm
Part No. eg. 15,5: 2LB-15,5

Insert drill type 2BH

Carbide K20 micrograin
Tol.h8 Flute L. 30mm
Range: 11,0-21,0mm
Part No. eg. 21,0: 2BH-21,0

Pilot type 2R / RS*

Roller Tol.c9
Range: 10,0-50,0mm
Part No. eg. 30,5: 2R-30,5

* Pilots type RS must be combined with holders type AS

Pilot type 2F

Fixed Tol.c9
Range: 10,0-30,0mm
Part No. eg. 10,0: 2F-10,0

Counterbores type 2N

HSS Tol. p8
Range: 16,0-85,0mm
Part No. eg. 28,5: 2N-28,5

Counterbores type 2NA

HSS Tol. p8
Range: 16,0-85,0
Part No. eg. 30,5: 2NA-30,5

Counterbores type 2W

HSS Tol. p8
Range: 16,0-40,0mm
Part No. eg. 22,0: 2W-22,0

Counterbores type 2H

Carbide K40 Tol. p8
Range: 18,0-75,0mm
Part No. eg. 38,0: 2H-38,0

Counterbores type 2HA

Carbide K10 micrograin Tol. p8
Range: 18,0-75,0mm
Part No. eg. 24,0: 2HA-24,0

Counterbores type 2WHV

For carbide inserts Tol. ±0,1
Range: 34,0-75,0mm
Part No. eg. 62,0: 2WHV-62,0

Countersinks type 2T

HSS Tol. x9 60°
Range: 26,0-60,0mm
Part No. eg. 35,0: 2T6-35,0

HSS Tol. x9 80°
Range: 30,0mm, 40,0mm
Part No. eg. 30,0: 2T8-30,0

HSS Tol. x9 90°
Range: 20,0-85,0mm
Part No. eg. 37,0: 2T9-37,0

Countersinks type 2TH

Carbide K10 Tol. x9 90°
Range: 40,0mm, 50,0mm, 60,0mm
Part No. eg. 50,0: 2TH9-50,0

Countersinks type 2TK

HSS Tol. x9 90°
Sizes: 30,0 37,0 40,0 45,0 50,0 60,0 75,0

Countersinks type 2KV

For Carbide inserts Tol. +0,2-0 60°
Range: 41,0mm
Part No. 2KV6-41,0

For Carbide inserts Tol. +0,2-0 90°
Range: 32,0-60,0mm
Part No. eg. 38,0: 2KV9-38,0

Toolholders type 2A

Range: MT2, MT3, MT4, MT5, Weldon W20
Part No. eg. MT4: 2A-MK4

Toolholders type 2NS

Short Shank
Range: MT3, MT4, Weldon W25
Part No. eg. W25: 2NS-W25

Toolholders type 2L

Long Shank MT3, Ø32
Range: L175, L250, L500
Part No. eg. L175: 2L-175-MK3

Toolholders type 2GS / AS

With through coolant
Range: MT3, Weldon W25
Part No. eg. MT3: 2GS-MK3

Toolholders type 2S

With rotating depth-stop device
Range: MT3
Part No. 2S-MK3

Toolholders type 2M

Slotted drive Shank
Range: MT3, MT4, W32
Part No. eg. MT3: 2M-MK4