2 tube filling system

The KOF filling machines all use the gravity filling principle. The principle differences between them are:

1. the number of tubes filled simultaneously, 4 to 30 tubes.
2. the number of filling tubes per element tube:

a, two in KOF-112, KOF-118 and KOF-124
b, one in KOF-25
c, three in KOF-125, KOF-24B and KOF-106

3. the principle of regulating the flow of the MgO

KOF-104 and KOF-106 represents upgraded versions of the classical KOF-4 and KOF-6.

KOF-12, KOF-18 and KOF-24 has been updated and changed names to KOF-112, KOF-118 and KOF-124.